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Kapture Band, customised action video solutions that can capture incredible moments on video and instantly upload to social media.


Video content is the most popular way to share experiences and capture incredible moments. By 2019 around 80% of internet traffic will be video which makes it a very important part of your marketing strategy! Whether you run a trampoline park or a click 'n' climb wall, your business needs to ensure that it is part of this revolution. Whatever type of high action activity or experience you offer, Kapture Band can help you capture it perfectly, brand it, and deliver it to your customers quickly and easily.


Your customers can relive the moment with
Kapture Band

Our fully automated HD Action Video solution can capture your guest's adrenaline experience from multiple angles and instantly output the branded content. Using state of the art HD IP cameras we can offer super slow motion 120 FPS videos (25% of normal speed) combined with time lapse to speed up other parts and normal speed playback.

Kapture Band

Customer Journey

Kapture Band screen station is situated in high foot fall location within facility, promoting the service with Kapture Band demo. Wrist Band purchase encouraged via reception

Wristband allows visitor to have 6 videos, plus further option to purchase photos

Customer goes to activity and scans wristband (situated in multiple locations within venue)

Scanner beeps to confirm scan is OK (If they have used all videos it will not light up)

After pre-defined time, and using motion detect technology the Kapture Band system will start beeping and flashing lights to confirm video is being output

Customer is recorded on the chosen feature/ activity

LED scanner resets back to ready

System auto creates video and stills and uploads to customers personal web page

Customer follows directions on wristband to access their videos (they can scan QR code to go direct to their videos)

Customer can be asked to like and share the facilities social media platforms before action views are available.

The facility can also prompt back link clicks for revisit bookings/ discounts direct to their URL

Our Technology

Kapture Band uses high definition IP camera technology to record action videos at designated action stations within your facility. Wearing a special RF or QR wristband, customers are able to scan then capture their own actions, tricks or moves via the motion censored recording system.

The wrist band will hold the captured data until the customer wishes to view their footage. Each wrist band has your facilities unique URL microsite where your customer can then enter their unique code or simply scan the QR code. Up to 6 high definition action videos can be uploaded and then shared via their social media platforms, tagging your facility alongside it.

Kapture Band can also allow visitors to print still images of their experience via reception screen stations.

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